A Note on Buffy

You may know that we are HUGE fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we're actually currently well into a rewatch for the ...oh we've lost count how many times now! Although the rewatch has come to somewhat of a halt as we've reached 'The Body' and finding an appropriate moment to give it the reverence it deserves is proving tricky. *sobs*

You may also have seen the news this last week that plans are in motion for a Buffy 'reboot'. Whether it's a full reboot, a continuation or just a new story set in the same universe we're ...well not entirely happy about it. 

Buffy had a profound effect on us personally and there are countless takes on how profoundly the show has affected television and pop culture, hell there's entire academic paths devoted to the topic! 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer stands alone, and should continue to do so. Even if this new show turns out to be a success it places the first iteration in the position of being referred to as 'yeah but the original' and that's just not cool. Buffy as a TV show and as a character is an icon and should remain so, singular.* 

*Yes we know it existed as a film initially but the show surpassed it so stratospherically that it has become a footnote, such is it's power!