After saying we could only engage with the design aspect of the 2020 presidential election it seems that we're becoming increasingly smitten with one candidate - Pete Buttigieg. 

And it looks like we're not the only ones coming down with a case of Buttigieg Fever. In just a few short months since he announced his candidacy 'Mayor Pete' as he's colloquially known has managed to elevate his status from obscure 'this guy has know business being in this race' to a top tier candidate, out fundraising and now out polling a lot of the bigger names in the primary. 

We also didn't think that having a major candidate for president who is also gay would get us as emotional as it doing but you watch him kiss his husband after formally launching his campaign and try to suppress the swelling in your chest at witnessing the progress being made before your very eyes. 

As well as all of this he also (after a bit of a rocky start) now has one of the best, if not the best campaign designs of the Democratic Primary. 

Oh no, we may just have started chanting 'Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete!' That's it we've been sucked in, there's no hope for us RUN, SAVE YOURSELF!