Our Top 10 Favourite Rupaul's Drag Race Queens

After, let's face face face it a pretty lacklustre All Stars season we have high hopes for the 10th lap of Rupaul's Drag Race and contemplating watching the show for almost a decade had us wondering about our favourite queens over the years and if you wanna come for us (and cut up our wigs) please bear in mind that it's JUST OUR OPINION! 


10. Alexis Mateo

BAM! We love Alexis and we refuse to rupaulogize for it! 

It feels like Alexis Mateo is an often overlooked queen which is strange considering her success on the show, she came third for sobbing out loud! While we're not usually fans of pageant queens Alexis is the exception to the rule and while her style may not particularly sit well with our aesthetic sensibilities it's Alexis' sincerity that makes her so endearing, a quality often lacking among many queens... 

Alexis isn't particularly a comedy genius but she has provided plenty of laugh out loud moments over her time on both season 3 and the original run of All Stars.

Sickening no?

Alexis Mateo

9. Tammie Brown

That's Tammie Brown with an 'ie' I'll thank you very much.

Initially we found Tammie somewhat sinister but eventually she won us over with her off off OFF beat persona, and any queen who is brave enough to go after Michelle Visage is worth her weight in wigs by vanity!

Quirks and odd ball characteristics can often be a bit overwrought and self-conscious but you get the impression that Tammie is a true high concept character both in and out of drag and that's something that should be comended and celebrated.  

We don't see you out there walking children in nature. 

8. Joslyn Fox


Sure she was a bit messy, sure she's not the brightest highlighter in the makeup bag but boy was adorable and unintentionally hilarious! 

Our love for Ms Fox is so strong that we're seriously considering setting up a full scale campaign to get her (often exposed) ass on All Stars 4. Much like Alexis Mateo, Joslyn is 100% sincere and you can't help but fall in love with her. No she is not 'a low rent Courtney Act' neither is she 'the Dida Ritz of season 6' (though what would be wrong with that really?) she is a star in her own right and no one over accessorizes quite like her. 

Keep it foxy *wonk wonk*

Joslyn Fox

7. Manila Luzon

Runner up on season 3, a legendary lip synch for your life and probably the best post show single of any of the girls - the credentials speak for themselves. 

We love a comedy queen and Manila is one of the best, discounting her unoriginal stint on the stand up challenge obviously. Manila cracked us up so often that we're even willing to forgive her meanness to Alexis Mateo. 

You can often tell how well a queen is going to do from how good their pieces to camera are and Manila is one of the greats - "Try something new -- do it with an Indian guy!"

And remember this sage advice, never leave your cake out in the rain.

6. Jinkx Monsoon

Jinkx Monsoon has a very British approach to drag for an American queen and it's probably why we love her so much, in fact it seems to be a reoccuring theme for many of the queens in this list. 

Combine that with the theatre credentials and decent comedy chops and Jinkx is pretty much our ideal queen and in enduring an onslaught of viciousness from Roxxxy Andrews (among our top 10 most hated queens incidently) it was hard not to root for Jinkx.  

To be honest she deserved the crown just for introducing Little Edie to a whole new audience.

Jinkx Monsoon
Sasha Velour

5. Sasha Velour

The queen who forever changed the art of the reveal. 

We like to flatter ourselves in thinking that Sasha would be the kind of queen we would be should we ever venture into drag - the creativity, the cultural references, the queer history lessons! Not sure we could pull off bald though...

If you haven't you should check out Sasha's audio visual performances and you can see how she was always going to be a force to be reckoned with went it came to performance. 

Also, any queen who struts the runway in a Wizard of Oz inspired look is a winner in our eyes. 

4. Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova

But your dad just calls her Katya. 

The only thing remotely close to Russia that you can currently enjoy ...well, that and vodka. Katya was clearly the breakout star of season 7 and in our opinion she was robbed, ROBBED of the All Stars 2 crown, her mix of concept character and irreverent humour is right up our runway and we get our life every time she gets up and walks away from Trixie on UNHhhh. 

We're also obsessed with her obsession with Kennedy Davenport's infamous 'Glamazon Bitch ready for the runway' monologue. 


3. Chi Chi DeVayne

Chi Chi how we love you let us count the ways.

A lot of the queens on Drag Race come with an often moving personal story about dealing with adversity. Contestants have tackled subjects such as race, gender identity and HIV but until Ms DeVayne came along the topic of class never really came up, and we're sorry Michelle you're not often wrong but on this (and on the colour green) you're very much incorrect. 

Drag is expensive and creativity and resourcefulness can only get you so far. Chi Chi had both of these qualities in abundance and it was so heartening to see her to do so well on the show and get the opportunity to turn her talnets out further with a new financial success similiar to her peers. 

2. Trixie Mattel

C'mon chin strap! 

It seems to have become accepted knowledge that Trixie underperformed on her season but we were all in for her plastic fantastic from the jump. Yeah she probably didn't showcase her talents quite as well on the show as she has done since but she was still clearly a highlight in an otherwise pretty 'meh' season. 

Sure she looks like a clown but Trixie's humour is actually very smart, observational and often quite biting and oh honey, that sits well with us! 

A Trixie Mattel All Stars win was on our bucket list even before she was confirmed for the show and sure we got what we wanted but it does feel a little tainted. Shangela arguably performed better for the run of the show and was stiffed by the twist producers felt they needed to shoehorn into the format but Trixie will always and forever be our skinny legend. 


Before our top queen is ruvealed here are a few honourable mentions: Tatiana, Willam, and Latriiiiiiice Royale!


1. Jujubee

Our introduction to Drag Race started with season 2 and went from 'what the fuck is this?' to 'oh a Gone with the Wind curtains dress challenge that's clever and camp' to full THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER after Jujubee's "I ain't ever been blown like that" wind machine moment.

Jujubee ticks a lot of boxes for us, great style, smart, hilarious and arguably one of the best lip synchers to ever appear on the show, if this was a list of our Top 10 Lip Synchs for Your Life Juju would feature at least twice! Did you know that she has the distinction of winning (or more accurately not losing) the most lip syncs in Drag Race herstory?

Also one of the most adept readers to ever grace the library her read of Tyra Sanchez is probably one of the few times we've been genuinely gagged, like full on spluttering! 

 What about Jujubee? ALL about Jujubee.